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(1) The Huangpu River

Cruising on the Huangpu River, visitors can gaze at the mighty skyscrapers, the Monument Tower to the People's Heroes, the famous Waibaidu Bridge and Huangpu Park on one bank, and the orient Pearl TV Tower, International Conference Center, Jin Mao Building and the newly rising Pudong New Area on the other. The Yangpu and Nanpu bridges span the river. From the river, visitors can also view the ruins of ancient cannon emplacements and fortifications at Wusong and the magnificent view of the Yangtze River as it empties into the sea.


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(2) The orient Pearl TV Tower

The orient Pearl TV Tower is 468 meters high, the tallest in Asia and third tallest in the world. It faces the Bund across the Huangpu River. When viewed from the Bund, the tower and the Nanpu and Yangpu bridges create a vivid imagery known as "two dragons playing with a pearl." The sphere at the top has a diameter of 45 meters and is 263 meters above ground. The observation deck in the sphere offers a sweeping view of the city. The revolving restaurant is set at 267 meters above Pudong New Area. The dance ball, piano bar and 20 karaoke rooms, at 271 meters, are also opened to the public. The penthouse, which sits at 350 meters, has an observation deck, meeting room, and coffee shop. The tower integrates broadcasting technologies with sightseeing, catering, shopping, amusement, and accommodations. It has become the symbol of the city and a major tourist attraction in Shanghai.



(3) Chenghuang Miao Temple

The Temple of the Town Deity is located south of Yuyuan Gardan. There used to be a temple to the local deity, whick the inhabitants believed would protect them, in every city. The city deities were frequently real persons to whom the town owed something. Today, an arts aand crafts store is in the temple.


 (4) Xintiandi

Shanghai Xintiandi in Shanghai is an historical and cultural character of the city tourist attractions, it is unique Shikumen Shanghai-based urban construction, into a world-class restaurants, business, entertainment, culture, leisure walking Street. Xintiandi is located in the city centre, south of Huaihai Road, Huangbeinanlu and Madang Road between 30,000 square meters of land, adjacent to Huangbeinanlu Station and the North-South, East and West of the intersection of an elevated road. The project is the construction of a new era of tradition and cultural life of the city tourist attractions, with its fusion of Chinese and Western, old and new combination of tone, Shanghai will be the traditional Shikumen Linong and full integration of contemporary new construction.



(5) The Bund

The well-known Bund is a must for visitors to Shanghai. Fifty-two buildings lining the narrow shoreline of the Huangpu River offer a living exhibition of Gothic, Baroque, Roman, Classic Revival and Renaissance architectural styles, as well as combinations of Chinese and Western styles. They are also a condensation of the recent history of the city. The wide embankment offers ample room for strolling and is used by locals for morning exercises and evening gatherings. In the evening, colorful lights illuminate the area and create a shimmering image deserving of the name Pearl of the Orient.


(6) The Yu Garden

The Yu Gardens are a classical landscape in the Southern Chinese style with a history of more than 400 years. Pavilions, halls, rockeries and ponds display the finest in landscaping from the Southern style as seen in the Ming and Qing dynasties. More than 40 landscapes were ingeniously separated by latticed walls, winding corridors, and lattice windows.


(7) People's Square

People's Square has become the political and cultural center in Shanghai since 1994, when it was rebuilt. In and around the square are a massive fountain named the Light of Huangpu River, 10,000 square meters of lawns, six groups of relief carvings that depict the history of Shanghai, the New Shanghai Museum, the offices of the municipal government, an underground shopping plaza, the Shanghai Grand Theater and the Shanghai Exhibition Center.



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