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The challenges facing our world are huge, but by combining our efforts, we can solve them. Together, we are working for the Gator Good and for a better tomorrow. We are The Gator Nation® — a nation of students, faculty, alumni and administrators. A nation working together to make the world a better place.


The UF Board of Trustees sets policy for the institution, and serves as the institution’s legal owner and final authority. 



Appointed by the Board of Trustees, Dr. W. Kent Fuchs became the University of Florida’s 12th president in January 2015. Serving as the provost of Cornell University for the past six years, Dr. Fuchs brings with him a background in academic leadership as a provost, dean and department chair, and a distinguished career as an engineering professor.

Born on an Oklahoma farm in 1954, President Fuchs spent much of his youth in Alaska before moving to Miami, where he graduated from Miami Killian Senior High School. As president, he will seek to significantly increase UF’s endowment, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of university operations, and establish UF as a national leader and voice for higher education.

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The Faculty Senate is the legislative body responsible for faculty participation in university planning and governance, specifically to matters of more than one college, school or other major academic unit or that are otherwise of university interest. The Faculty Senate is made up of 150 members serving three-year terms. Meetings are open to the public.  LEARN MORE



The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer and the second ranking officer of the university, acting for the president in his absence. Learn More


The Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources oversees the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). Learn More


The Senior Vice President for Health Affairs is the general supervisor of the Health Science Center (HSC). Learn More


The Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer is in charge of supervising the Division of Business Affairs, the Office of Human Resource Services, the Division of Information Technology and the Chief Audit Executive. Learn More



The Vice President for the Division of Business Affairs is the chief fiscal and business officer in charge of all the university budgets. Learn More


The Vice President for Advancement handles the resources generated for the university by the University of Florida Foundation, Inc., and the University of Florida Alumni Association. Learn More


The Chief Diversity Officer is responsible for establishing a university-wide standard for diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, the Chief Diversity Officer works with senior leadership to ensure UF maintains a culture and climate where all members of the university community will thrive. Learn More


The Vice President for Enrollment Management provides campus-wide leadership in executing the strategic recruitment, admission, registration, records management and student finance functions for the university. Learn More


The Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer handles the budget, finance and accounting, and financial analysis for the university. Learn More


The Office of General Counsel provides expert, context-sensitive, and responsive legal services, as well as advice on related policy matters, to the University of Florida and its Trustees, faculty and staff in their UF roles, as well as to UF’s closely affiliated entities.  All UF legal services are provided by or through the OGC, and the legal leadership of UF’s teaching hospitals and foundation report to their senior administrators and the UF General Counsel in service to these affiliates.  The General Counsel is also University Secretary, an officer of the Board of Trustees who is the executive administrator for the President on Board matters. Learn More


The Vice President for Government and Community Relations secures funding and substantive legislation that enables UF to provide research, teaching and service for a greater world. Learn More


The Vice President for Human Resource Services is responsible for the design, development and implementation of all human resource management functions. Learn More


The Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer of the university is the chief technology officer in charge of the campus computers and technology. Learn More


The Vice President for Research is the director of the research programs of the university, guiding the research that leads to the breakthroughs and discoveries of the future. Learn More


The Office of the Vice President for Strategic Communications and Marketing is responsible for marketing and branding, media relations and news, issues management and public affairs, creative services, photography and social media. Learn More


The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs helps prepare students to assume roles of leadership, involvement and service as productive citizens in a culturally diverse, technologically sophisticated and increasingly complex society. Learn More


The University Athletic Association, Inc. is in charge of the intercollegiate athletics program at the University of Florida. Learn More


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